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Problems Management – DSS03 (COBIT2019)

Parent Framework: COBIT 2019

Domain: Deliver, Service and Support (DSS)

Managed Problems

Identify and classify problems and their root causes. Provide timely resolution to prevent recurring incidents. Provide recommendations for improvements.


Increase availability, improve service levels, reduce costs, improve customer convenience and satisfaction by reducing the number of operational problems, and identify root causes as part of problem resolution.

Management Practice

DSS03.01 Identify and classify problems.

Define and implement criteria and procedures to identify and report problems. Include problem classification, categorization and prioritization.

DSS03.02 Investigate and diagnose problems.

Investigate and diagnose problems using relevant subject matter experts to assess and analyze root causes.

DSS03.03 Raise known errors.

As soon as root causes of problems are identified, create known-error records, document appropriate workarounds and identify potential solutions.

DSS03.04 Resolve and close problems.

Identify and initiate sustainable solutions addressing the root cause. Raise change requests via the established change management process, if required, to resolve errors. Ensure that the personnel affected are aware of the actions taken and the plans developed to prevent future incidents from occurring.

DSS03.05 Perform proactive problem management.

Collect and analyze operational data (especially incident and change records) to identify emerging trends that may indicate problems. Log problem records to enable assessment.


Problem Management – PBMG

The resolution (both reactive and proactive) of problems throughout the information system lifecycle, including classification, prioritisation and initiation of action, documentation of root causes and implementation of remedies to prevent future incidents.