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Operations Management –DSS01 (COBIT2019)

Parent Framework: COBIT 2019

Domain: Deliver, Service and Support (DSS)

Managed Operations

Coordinate and execute the activities and operational procedures required to deliver internal and outsourced I&T services. Include the execution of predefined standard operating procedures and the required monitoring activities.


Deliver I&T operational product and service outcomes as planned.

Management practices

DSS01.01 Perform operational procedures.

Maintain and perform operational procedures and operational tasks reliably and consistently.

DSS01.02 Manage outsourced I&T services.

Manage the operation of outsourced I&T services to maintain the protection of enterprise information and reliability of service delivery.

DSS01.03 Monitor I&T infrastructure.

Monitor the I&T infrastructure and related events. Store sufficient chronological information in operations logs to reconstruct and review time sequences of operations and other activities surrounding or supporting operations.

DSS01.04 Manage the environment.

Maintain measures for protection against environmental factors. Install specialized equipment and devices to monitor and control the environment.

DSS01.05 Manage facilities.

Manage facilities, including power and communications equipment, in line with laws and regulations, technical and business requirements, vendor specifications, and health and safety guidelines.


Database administration DBAD

The installation, configuration, upgrade, administration, monitoring and maintenance of databases. Providing support for operational databases in production use and for internal or interim purposes such as iterative developments and testing. Improving the performance of databases and the tools and processes for database administration (including automation).


Facilities management DCMA

The planning, control and management of all the facilities which, collectively, make up the IT estate. This involves provision and management of the physical environment, including space and power allocation, and environmental monitoring to provide statistics on energy usage. Encompasses physical access control, and adherence to all mandatory policies and regulations concerning health and safety at work.


IT infrastructure ITOP

The operation and control of the IT infrastructure (comprising physical or virtual hardware, software, network services and data storage) either on-premises or provisioned as cloud services) that is required to deliver and support the information systems needs of a business. Includes preparation for new or changed services, operation of the change process, the maintenance of regulatory, legal and professional standards, the building and management of systems and components in virtualised and cloud computing environments and the monitoring of performance of systems and services in relation to their contribution to business performance, their security and their sustainability. The application of infrastructure management tools to automate the provisioning, testing, deployment and monitoring of infrastructure components.


Methods and tools METL

The definition, tailoring, implementation, assessment, measurement, automation and improvement of methods and tools to support planning, development, testing, operation, management and maintenance of systems. Ensuring methods and tools are adopted and used effectively throughout the organisation.


Storage management STMG

The planning, implementation, configuration and tuning of storage hardware and software covering online, offline, remote and offsite data storage (backup, archiving and recovery) and ensuring compliance with regulatory and security requirements.